Zino” is a Persian word combination of two parts, which means a “new life”. Zino Expedition is a tour operator that benefits from a professional team with 10 years’ experience working with well known brands, so this allows us to offer high quality services to all our clients. Our team specializes in small group trips with an expertise to operate adventure tours focusing on visiting remote regions and little know areas. The activities we offer include trekking, mountaineering, climbing, skiing and desert off road expeditions.  Moreover, we also have ample experience to plan and organize cultural trips. One of our greatest strengths are our professional guides who are passionate and well experienced. In addition, our team has excellent knowledge of all the regions of Iran.

We offer tours for all budgets and activity levels with a mix of various types of accommodation such as hotels, traditional style hotels, eco lodges, camping, guesthouses and local houses. Moreover, you will have the chance to socialize with locals and have an insight into the diverse Iranian culture and discover its natural beauty.

We are based in Tehran and work exclusively with registered and authorized guides in different cities.

Alireza Alizade

Alireza Alizade

My name is Alireza Alizade, and I am the Operations Manager of Zino expedition. Since I was 16 years old, I have felt drawn to nature and the beautiful land that occupies Iran. My experience with mountaineering sports first started with rock climbing. Rock climbing to me is an art and one of the most enjoyable activities. At first, it was challenging, but I decided to dedicate my life to it and pursue the sport professionally. There is always a new route to climb in Iran. The country offers big walls, including Alamkouh, Bisotun, Yafteh, and it also has peaks that can be climbed from technical routes, glaciers and icefalls. Iran has been the perfect place for me to develop my skills as a climber and utilize those skills to become an instructor teaching courses for beginner and advanced levels and training other instructors.

During my life, I have also taken pleasure in trekking, ice climbing, and ski touring. With these passions, I found myself interested in becoming a tour guide for foreigners visiting Iran who come for new adventures. I have been a tour guide for 7 years, and I have loved every aspect of it. As much as I love the thrill of these mountain sports, it is more satisfying to share these experiences with travelers in this breath-taking country called Iran. I enjoy sharing with our guests the unique culture, food, and hospitality of Iran, the ancient architecture, and the natural landscapes. In return, I learn from them too and have made friends from all over the world. I love to lead desert tours, as such in the Lut and Central Desert, and to take groups to some of the most famous summits of Iran, including Damavand and Alamkouh. It is a gift to see the travelers faces light up with awe when we reach a summit – it reminds me of my reaction when I traveled there for my first time.

I chose to start this company from my desire to organize exceptional and life-changing adventures for travelers. Here in Iran, we are known for our amazing hospitality. And I hope Zino expedition will be your choice to host you and your family or friends during your next trip to Iran. We will offer you an unforgettable vacation, taking you places unlike you have ever seen and treating you like our family. I hope to see you soon!

Angella Jallaei

Angella Jallaei

Who is our product and tour manager! She graduated in Linguistics, with an interpreting and translation background in English in 1999, simultaneously studying painting at Tehran University of Art. In 2005 she decided to start her own business as an importer of Persian hand knotted rugs in South Africa and continued for 10 years.

Alongside her own business, she had worked as a coordinator with 2 well known South African Tour agencies for incoming tours from Iran.

Her adventurous life was the reason for exploring many countries with different cultures and made her keen to carry on working in the tourism industry. She likes mountain areas, because it gives her spiritual feeling and also has an interest to wildlife and preserving the environment. This is why she has been active in environment protection programs. She has particular interest environmental NGOs and involved in water management/protection.

She is a graduate with a Technical and Tour Manager certificate from Iran Cultural Heritage, Handcraft and Tourism Organization which is administered and funded by the Government of Iran. Angella also worked as technical and tour manager with well known Iranian tour operators for 6 years. In addition to working as a technical and tour manager she has been an operation supervisor and sales manager for private groups and agencies. 

After couple of years, she decided to set up and manage a tour operating company with adventure travel expertise, as well as organizing tours in cultural areas and off the “beaten track” tours. 

Mehrdad Ajdari

Mehrdad Ajdari

I, Mehrdad Ajdari, have been teaching German as a foreign language and German in tourism for over 25 years.

It has always been my wish to bring the natural and cultural beauty of Iran closer to the people across the world. Now the wish has come true.

With the aim to promote the German-Iranian cooperation on cultural and tourist level, I started working in tourism from 2016 with a reliable tour operator. In order to improve my skills, I passed guide course and received a certificate from Tourism board (Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran) in 2019 and started cooperation as German expert with Zino Expedition team. I proposed them to found the German department of Zino Expedition company to facilitate it for German travelers. So that German tourists visiting Iran can feel at home and experience the legendary sights of the country up close, we will do everything in our power.

Travelers’ satisfaction are our top priorities and we strive to provide our passengers with unique travel experiences.