Itinerary changes

 We designed the tours carefully and included the suitable routes with the best night stays and highlights. However, sometimes deviation from the planned itinerary may occur because of unforeseen situations and inevitable circumstances such as weather conditions, seasonal changes or other factors may influence the time table.



We choose three star standard hotels which are cozy, safe and easily accessible and is based on twin share. Depending on your itinerary, you may stay in guest house, traditional style hotels or local house or hut/camp. In rural areas and villages you may share the room with other passengers (maximum 5 passengers) from the same sex depending on the room capacity.


Group Tours

Almost all our group tours are 100% guaranteed to departure, so once you’ve booked and paid your deposit, you are going! A few of tours will be guaranteed as soon as they reach breaking point, 4-6 passengers.


Group tour size

Group sizes vary on some specific tours depending on the destination but usually the maximum group size is 12 persons on most tours.


Sleeping bags

We recommend you to bring your own sleeping bag for camping based tours. According to our experience, it is recommended to have a ‘three season’ sleeping bag for the summer months and a ‘four season’ bag during the rest of the year especially in mountainous and desert areas.



We will use a comfortable private vehicle according to the number of passengers and the trip routes. The vehicles are equipped with air conditioner. Some tours will use a combination of different transport options such as private air-conditioned coaches, private vehicles, 4x4, public bus or mules.



It is customary to tip tour leaders, local guides, bell boys, waiters and the drivers but entirely optional.



Travel insurance is compulsory for anyone who travel to Iran.

Neither Zino Expediton Team nor the owners, any agent/ supplier or person contracted, shall be liable for any loss whatsoever, damage to baggage and property, inconvenience, delay, cancellation, deviation, alteration, sickness, injury or death whether such loss be a result of negligence or not.


We strongly recommend the client to purchase insurance against such eventualities.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Insurance may not cover some conditions and may have other restrictions and exclusions. Consult the insurance carriers direct for details.


 Acceptable dress code for Iran

For Men:

T-shirts are acceptable. 

No shorts are acceptable.

Wearing ties or bows is ok.



For ladies:

Females in Iran must dress according to the Islamic laws of hijab which it takes a little bit of planning as follows:

Cover the body

Arms and legs must be fully covered

There is no need to cover your feet. It’s acceptable to wear a pair of sandals.

Cover Up your hair with a head scarf.

You can remove your layers of clothing when you are in the privacy of your tent or hotel room. Many ladies wear the chador but it is not necessary to do that. It is recommended to get a long muntoe similar a coat down to knees when you are going to public.