Kuhpa Caravanserai

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Kuhpa Caravanserai is located in Kuhpayeh town, in the province of Isfahan, 87 km far from Isfahan city. It is an ancient caravanserai and one of the highlights of historical town of Kuhpayeh which dates back to 450 years ago during Shah Abbass I in Safavid dynasty. It was renovated and refurbished in 2014 with less construction and changes in its decoration and structure. Don’t miss to experience a memorable staying in this fascinated Caravanserai.

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3 Shab Neshin

This room features a small refrigerator, a flat-screen cable TV and coffee-making facilities. A patio is also included.

Standard rate

Starting fromEUR 40/ room / 1 night

4 Khosh Neshin

This room has three traditional Iranian cotton mattresses. There were shared toilet bathroom for this type of room. The room has basic facilities like refrigerator.

Standard rate

Starting fromEUR 35/ room / 1 night

8 Vazir Neshin

This room has one comfortable double bed and six traditional Iranian cotton mattresses. The bathroom in these rooms are equipped with a shower, toilet and toiletries. The room has basic facilities like air conditioner and refrigerator.

Room Amenities

Standard rate

Starting fromEUR 61/ room / 1 night


Restaurant,Airport Services,Handicraft Shop
Free Wifi


From 14:00 hours.
Until 12:00 hours.

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